About the Westies

The Creators

Created and illustrated by Kevin Fish and written by James Mac, The Westies of West London, or WoWL for short, is a cartoon about four West Highland Terrier dogs, known as ‘Westies’, living in and around West London.

Westies Dogtective Agency

Known as dogtectives, Casper, Basil, Lucky and Billy run a small detective agency in the shed at the bottom of Mrs P’s garden. They solve doggy mysteries and crimes, right under the noses of their unaware owners!

Cartoon Book

In their first book, the Westies take on a new case when Fiona’s ‘Chewbury’ toy goes missing, in very mysterious circumstances. Is it a coincidence that chicken chew toys have disappeared right across Chelsea and Fulham?

Casper knows better, and he leads the gang on a chase across West London to catch the culprits and foil their dastardly deeds.

Launched in July 2014, the first case entitled “The Captivating Case of the Chicken-shaped Chew Toy” is available to buy in paperback from Lulu.com.

The book features a comic book and narrative, allowing readers of all ages to enjoy the detailed illustrations while reading the story in text form.


Kevin’s inspiration to create the cartoon came from a real Westie, called Casper, living in Notting Hill, who went to ‘work’ everyday with his owners; causing mischief and mayhem along the way!

A chance conversation with Kevin about the Westies lead to James suggesting that they collaborate on a cartoon story. And so the WoWL dogtective agency was born!

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Hear the Westies WoWL!

Kevin & Jim