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The Captivating Case of the Chicken-shaped Chew Toy

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About the story
In their first book, the Westies take on a new case when Fiona’s ‘Chewbury’ toy goes missing, in very mysterious circumstances. Is it a coincidence that chicken chew toys have disappeared right across Chelsea and Fulham? Casper knows better, and he leads the gang on a chase across West London to catch the culprits and foil their dastardly deeds.


"I highly recommend 'The Captivating Case of the Chicken-shaped chew toy' if you are wanting to introduce comic book /graphic novels to young children" — Instagram

"Devoured by my eight year old son in two sittings and eagerly awaiting case #2. :) Great illustrations and fun story. He's still reciting the title - think he enjoys the combination of alliteration and tongue twister!" —

Book details

  • Perfect-bound Paperback
  • 148 pages
  • Black and white illustrations
  • Dimensions W 22.86cm x H 17.78cm
  • Weight 0.31 kg
  • Light-hearted content
  • Suitable reading for all ages, with pictures and text
  • A wonderful book as an introduction to comics and graphic novels

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