WoWL, Fulham!

Casper decides to go to Fulham.

Casper decides to go to Fulham.

The artwork for our first WoWL book is coming along nicely and I thought I’d share a sketch that I did today. Without giving away too much of the story just yet, this snippet shows Casper just deciding on going to Fulham. In this frame I wanted to show his decision by drawing him with a speech bubble depicting a very descriptive London street sign that says “London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, SW6”.

I love these road signs in London. One, because they are very iconic and there’s something fantastically British about them (perhaps it’s the style and length of wording involved – how long is the borough name to start with!) and two, because they include some detailed typography of which I tried to recreate. I liked the visual way Casper’s memory of a London street sign is remembered, complete with a brick wall.

More to follow on the progress of the first WoWL book!

Hear the Westies WoWL!