Paper chase fun


It’s possible that everyday objects have minds of their own – their own unique personalities passed on from the creators who made them. This often makes them stubborn pieces of technology that don’t want to collaborate with you when you need them most. Although they’re friends of the Westies – for now!

Let’s play


The usual hide and seek, catch me, chase me around the house, hide under the desk routine. All with the sound of little doggy claws clattering about doing wheel spins on the wooden floor trying to get away from each other. Oh, and the wet/muddy paw prints.

The Westie WoWL!


This was my first conceptual illustration of the Westies of West London. Instead of having him howling, I decided it would be fun to make him “WoWL!”, almost saying the acronym of “Westies of West London”. The Westie we have at the office, upon which I based this character on, does something very similar when he wants food, to go for a walk, to go for a wee or when it’s time to go home!