WoWL at Comic Con

Westies at the London Super Comic Con


WoWL! So Kevin was recently promoting the Westies of West London at the London Super Comic Con. This event was held at the ExCel London, United Kingdom over the weekend from 20-21 February 2016. This is the second time we have exhibited at this particular event, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Exhibitors, visitors and cosplay

There were so many amazing exhibitors to view; from small independent artists, comic artists, special guests and lots of merchandise and much more. Visitors of all ages attended this super event and it was fantastic to see many of them getting into the spirit of comic (or film) characters by dressing up for the event or to take part in the Cosplay. Take a look out Comic Con video below.

Customes, characters and two chickens?

Some of our favourite characters included two… er… excited fans who dressed as Joy and Sadness from the Disney/Pixar film Inside Out. They really looked the part in their outfits and their glowing memory balls were just the perfect accessories.

Left: The characters Joy and Sorrow from the movie Inside Out. Right: Batman made out entirely of animals balloons

Left: The characters Sadness and Joy from the movie Inside Out. Right: Batman made out entirely of animals balloons

Another fan dressed himself as Batman but made entirely of black, yellow, white and grey balloons used for making balloon animals. What was even more impressive was that he managed to walk around without making any of them pop!

Kevin managed to get nab a quick photo with his squeaky chicken-shaped chew toy and a Harley Quninn fan with her autographed chicken-shaped chew toy (which apparently has travelled around the world to many a comic con and explains why it has lost it’s squeak!).

Chicken Chew Toys are a popular accessory

Kevin and Harley Quinn share something in common… a chicken chew toy!

The WoWL exhibition table

We also were able to display and sell our Westies dogtective book The Captivating Case of the Chicken-shaped Chew Toy at the event, which explains why Kevin had the squeaky chicken chew toy. Yes, it works really well to attract attention!

Our exhibition stand at the Comic Con

Our table with various items to purchase including the story book, colouring book, greeting cards, stickers, postcards and badges.

Plus we also introduced a new A4 size colouring book with illustrations taken from the Captivating Case book. It is 10 pages and features all the different characters including our favourite dogtectives Casper, Basil, Billy and Lucky, plus scenes from the main story book. The colouring book is currently not being sold online but we plan to do so soon.

A new colouring book

We released an A4 size colouring book with drawings taken from The Captivating Case of the Chicken-shaped Chew Toy

Overall, it was a super weekend and great fun to take part in this event, with new friends being made (have a look at some fantastic art from Emily Hare) and comics being promoted.

Hear the Westies WoWL!

Exhibiting at the London Super Comic Convention 2016

WoWL! So the Westies will be back at the London Super Comic Convention on 20 and 21 February at the Excel Centre in London.

stand D133. Kevin will be available to personally sign our book “The Captivating Case of the Chicken-shaped Chew Toy” plus we have a new colouring book to compliment the book.

He can also give you a sneak preview of the second book “The Sound of the Hound in Lost and Found”.

Hear the Westies WoWL!

Westies Valentines Day

Happy WoWL-entines day

So I thought I would create a colour version of a cartoon drawing I had for the Westies to celebrate Valentines Day or er… WoWL-entines Day!

Hear the Westies WoWL with their very own Valentines Day message.

Hear the Westies WoWL!

WoWL Book Cover

Buy our first Westies book on

The Captivating Case of the Chicken-shaped Chew Toy

WoWL! You can now buy our first Westies book, The Captivating Case of the Chicken-shaped Chew Toy, by Kevin Fish and James Mac, on

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu. £9.99

About the story
In their first book, the Westies take on a new case when Fiona’s ‘Chewbury’ toy goes missing, in very mysterious circumstances. Is it a coincidence that chicken chew toys have disappeared right across Chelsea and Fulham? Casper knows better, and he leads the gang on a chase across West London to catch the culprits and foil their dastardly deeds.


"I highly recommend 'The Captivating Case of the Chicken-shaped chew toy' if you are wanting to introduce comic book /graphic novels to young children" — Instagram

"Devoured by my eight year old son in two sittings and eagerly awaiting case #2. :) Great illustrations and fun story. He's still reciting the title - think he enjoys the combination of alliteration and tongue twister!" —

Book details

  • Perfect-bound Paperback
  • 148 pages
  • Black and white illustrations
  • Dimensions W 22.86cm x H 17.78cm
  • Weight 0.31 kg
  • Light-hearted content
  • Suitable reading for all ages, with pictures and text
  • A wonderful book as an introduction to comics and graphic novels

Hear the Westies WoWL!

Introduction Video to the Captivating Case

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