Come dine with the Westies

Last year, five of my friends and I each had a turn at a “Come Dine With Me” inspired dinner party. This was held at each other’s house where we had to prepare a three course meal based on a movie them. Each person was voted on their food, cooking skills and hospitality for the evening. Luckily no cameras were documenting our kitchen catastrophes!

Many late evenings, drinks, laughter and good food later, my friend Valentina cooked up a storm with a Great Gatsby themed dinner and so was voted the winner. We decided to reward her amazing effort with a one off CDWM dinner where each of us cooked for her which included; thirst quenching caipirinhas and mojitos, a softly grilled peach salad starter followed by a tender chicken and potato stew main and a deliciously gooey chocolate fondant dessert. To finish the evening we provided a special talent show especially for her. My talent, or rather present, was to do a one off “live” drawing and create an on-the-spot A4 original Westies drawing, which included a terrified Casper running away from an overly hungry oven.

Hope you all enjoy it as well!!

Hear the Westies WoWL! (and thanks Valentina for the photos!)