Spotlight on: Mrs P. and Da Squirrelz

Mrs P. and Da Squirrelz

I’ve wanted to introduce these characters for ages now. I first featured “The Squirrels” in a post called Enter the squirrels a while ago and I always liked the idea that they would sneak up and steal something, especially under the noses of the Westies. They also tend to give Mrs P., Casper’s owner, a hard time by scurrying in over the wall from the trees to steal her cooking equipment or raiding her kitchen for her specially baked deserts and treats.

Poor Mrs P. and Casper have a hard time as they are outnumbered and over-run by a motley gang of young hooded squirrels, or more commonly known in the borough as “Da Squirrelz”. Casper and the other Westies usually manage to save the day and her delicious baking by coming to the rescue with some cunning plans.

Hmmm… I wonder how the Westies can retrieve her beloved baking utensils and delicious cupcakes this time?

Hear the Westies WoWL!