Spotlight on: Casper, Lücky, Billy and Basil

I was inspired to do some more sketches and focus on Casper on the Gang, working on their individual characters and highlighting some distinguishable features! Casper, the instigator of the group is urges the gang to move west and seek new adventures. Lücky (who I’ve dubbed as a German Westie now living in London, hence the umlauts above the “u” in his name) is happy to ponder life and go with the flow although he can be quite cautious and nervous at times.

Billy, as always, is happy to relax and snooze while his deck of playing cards are close at hand (he’s always ready for a game of cards with the pigeons). Basil, the youngest of the group still gets excited wherever he goes on their adventures, and leaks a little too!

Spotlight on: Casper, Lücky, Billy and Basil

Hear the Westies WoWL!

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