The Westie WoWL!


This was my first conceptual illustration of the Westies of West London. Instead of having him howling, I decided it would be fun to make him “WoWL!”, almost saying the acronym of “Westies of West London”. The Westie we have at the office, upon which I based this character on, does something very similar when he wants food, to go for a walk, to go for a wee or when it’s time to go home!


  1. Very Clever!! Definitely very cute! Well organised website as well! Must have taken you a while… Look forward to more cartoons! At least you can now focus on the fun stuff…

  2. Nice site Kev. I have added it to my regular reading collection so you should get at least one visitor every day :D. Looking forward to it all, speak to you soon.

  3. After how many years of loafing!!!!!! Great stuff……….. if it takes off you could be famous Klevy Kev. Keep it up ,will be watching you.

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